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By Vladimir Vivien
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Key Features Insightful coverage of Go programming syntax, constructs, and idioms to help you understand Go code effectively Push your Go skills, with topics such as, data types, channels, concurrency, object-oriented Go, testing, and network programming Each chapter provides working code samples that are designed to help reader quickly understand respective topic
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Michael Bironneau  is an award-winning mathematician and experienced software engineer. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Loughborough University and has worked in several data science and software development roles.
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Rahul Sharma  is passionately curious about teaching programming. He has been writing software for the last two years. He got started with Rust with his work on Servo, a browser engine by Mozilla Research as part of his GSoC project. At present, he works at AtherEnergy, where he is building resilient cloud infrastructure for smart scooters. His interests include systems programming, distributed systems, compilers and type theory. He is also an occasional contributor to the Rust language and does mentoring of interns on the Servo project by Mozilla.
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