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By Michal Plachta
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Grokking Functional Programming  is a practical book written especially for object-oriented programmers. Grokking Functional Programming  teaches you first to break down problems in a new way so you can approach them from a FP mindset. Following carefully-selected examples with thorough, carefully-paced explanations, you'll immerse yourself in FP concept by concept. Along the way, exercises, checks for understanding, and even the occasional puzzler give you opportunities to think and practice what you're learning.
AuthorMichal Plachta BindingPaperback
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By Johannes Ernesti
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Johannes Ernesti is a research scientist at DeepL. He is a graduate mathematician and received his doctorate in applied mathematics from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
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By Christian Ullenboom
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Christian Ullenboom is an Oracle-certified Java programmer and has been a trainer and consultant for Java technologies and object-oriented analysis and design since 1997.
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Computers are capable of solving almost any problem when given the right instructions. That’s where programming comes in. This beginner’s book will have you writing Python programs right away. You’ll solve interesting problems drawn from real coding competitions and build your programming skills as you go.
AuthorDaniel Zingaro BindingPaperback
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Karthik Ramasubramanian  completed his M.Sc. in Theoretical Computer Science at PSG College of Technology, India, where he pioneered the application of machine learning, data mining, and fuzzy logic in his research work on computer and network security. He has over seven years' experience of leading data science and business analytics in retail, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, e-commerce, information technology, and the hospitality industry for multinational companies and unicorn start-ups.
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Can Bilgin currently works in Softray Solutions, LLC as the Director of Software Development. He has been working in the software industry, primarily with Microsoft technologies, for over a decade and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for his technical contributions. In this period he took key roles in projects for high profile clients using technologies such as BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Xamarin, WCF and other web technologies.
AuthorCan Bilgin BindingBook
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Radhika Datar  has more than 5 years' experience in software development and content writing. She is well versed in frameworks such as Python, PHP, and Java, and regularly provides training on them. She has been working with Educba and Eduonix as a training consultant since June 2016, while also working as a freelance academic writer in data science and data analytics. She obtained her master's degree from the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research and her bachelor's degree from K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce.
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By Vladimir Vivien
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Key Features Insightful coverage of Go programming syntax, constructs, and idioms to help you understand Go code effectively Push your Go skills, with topics such as, data types, channels, concurrency, object-oriented Go, testing, and network programming Each chapter provides working code samples that are designed to help reader quickly understand respective topic
AuthorVladimir Vivien BindingE-Book
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Rami Krispin  is a data scientist at a major Silicon Valley company, where he focuses on time series analysis and forecasting. In his free time, he also develops open source tools and is the author of several R packages, including the TSstudio package for time series analysis and forecasting applications. Rami holds an MA in Applied Economics and an MS in actuarial mathematics from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.
AuthorRami Krispin BindingBook
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Michael Bironneau  is an award-winning mathematician and experienced software engineer. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Loughborough University and has worked in several data science and software development roles.
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Rick Battagline  is a game developer who has been working with web- and browser-based technologies since 1997. He wrote his first computer game in 1996 and, in 2006, he founded BattleLine Games LLC., an independent game studio where he works to this day. That same year, his game, Epoch Star, was nominated for an award at the Slamdance Guerrilla Games Competition, and was listed in Game Informer Magazine issue 156 as one of ""The top ten games you've never heard of.
AuthorRick Battagline BindingBook
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Leonardo De Marchi  is an international speaker, author and consultant. He holds a masters in artificial intelligence (AI) and has worked as a data scientist in the sporting world, with clients such as New York Knicks, Manchester United. He now works as a head of data scientist at Badoo, the largest dating site with over 400 million users. He is also the lead instructor at, a company specialized in Machine Learning trainings. With Ideai he provides technical and managerial training to large institutions and dynamic startups. He is also a contractor for the European Commission.
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