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Re-Touching & Effects

Rs.1,940.00 Rs.1,649.00
2014, Usually Ships in 2 Days, USA, E-Book, Peter Gasston

This completely updated second edition of the best-selling Book of CSS3 distills the dense technical language of the CSS3 specification into plain English and shows you what CSS3 can do now, in all major browsers. You’ll find fully revised coverage of the updated syntax of gradients, grids, and flexible box layout, as well as all-new chapters on values and sizing, and graphical effects like filter effects and blend modes.


Rs.2,773.00 Rs.2,357.05
2016, Usually Ships in 2 Days, e-Books, Craig Smith

Rs.2,217.00 Rs.1,884.45
2012, Usually Ships in 2 Days, USA, E-Book, Michael Hammel

As a full-featured, free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, GIMP is one of the world's most popular open source projects. The latest version of GIMP (2.8) brings long-awaited improvements and powerful new tools to make graphic design and photo manipulation even easier—but it's still a notoriously challenging program to use.