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Rick Battagline  is a game developer who has been working with web- and browser-based technologies since 1997. He wrote his first computer game in 1996 and, in 2006, he founded BattleLine Games LLC., an independent game studio where he works to this day. That same year, his game, Epoch Star, was nominated for an award at the Slamdance Guerrilla Games Competition, and was listed in Game Informer Magazine issue 156 as one of ""The top ten games you've never heard of.
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Rachel Cordone  is a game designer and programmer who has been working with the Unreal Engine since the 1990's. She has worked with various game and simulation companies since 2003 on everything from PC, console, mobile, to VR and AR projects. For the past decade, Rachel has offered remote contract programming services to training software development companies including Northrop Grumman and Parsons Brinkerhoff. On the side, she makes video games through her company, Stubborn Horse Studios. She also wrote the book Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript for Packt.
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Brais Brenlla Ramos  is a passionate Architect, 3D artist, Unreal Engine 4 developer and first-time author based between A Coruña and his place of work in London, UK. His passion for all things 3D-related dates back to when he was playing games as a child, experiences that fuelled his later studies in architecture and computer animation. His entrance into the professional 3D world happened at the same time as his studies were finishing, with initial projects undertaken in the field of architectural visualization for different studios. Since then, he's worked on many different 3D modeling and app development projects, first as a team member, and later as the Unreal Engine 4 lead developer at a company called AccuCities, based in London.
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Siddharth Shekar  is a game developer and teacher with over 6 years' industry experience and 12 years' experience in C++ and other programming languages. He is adept at graphics libraries such as OpenGL and Vulkan, and game engines such as Unity and Unreal. He has published games on the iOS and Android app stores. He has also authored books including Swift Game Development, Mastering Android Game Development with Unity, and Learning iOS 8 Game Development Using Swift, all published by Packt Publishing. 
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Kevin Mack is a co-founder of Manic Machine, a Los Angeles-based development studio specializing in VR and virtual production development using Unreal Engine. Manic Machine designs and builds games in VR and provides development services to clients and partners in the film and visual effects industries. Prior to this, he co-founded WhiteMoon Dreams, which developed traditional and VR games and experiences.
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Jesse Glover  is a self-taught software developer and indie game developer who has worked with multiple game engines and has written many tutorials on the subject of game development over the past 8 years. He maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to game development made easy and writes for Zenva in his spare time to teach the ins and outs of game development with Unity, CryEngine, and Unreal Engine, just to name a few. Jesse has also written Unity Programming for Human Beings.
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Micheal Lanham is a proven software and tech innovator with 20 years of experience. During that time, he has developed a broad range of software applications in areas including games, graphics, web, desktop, engineering, artificial intelligence, GIS, and machine learning applications for a variety of industries as an R&D developer. At the turn of the millennium, Micheal began working with neural networks and evolutionary algorithms in game development.
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John P. Doran is a passionate and seasoned technical game designer, software engineer, and author based in Peoria, Illinois. For over a decade, John has gained extensive hands-on expertise in game development, working in various roles ranging from game designer to lead UI programmer. Additionally, John has worked in game development education teaching in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. To date, he has authored over 10 books pertaining to game development. John is currently an instructor in residence at Bradley University.
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By Anna Anthropy
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Fun introduction to game development by well-known game designer using PuzzleScript, a free online tool for creating puzzles/platform games.  
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By Jesse Schell
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Presents over 100 sets of questions, or different lenses, for viewing a game’s design. Written by one of the world's top game designers, this book describes the deepest and most fundamental principles of game design, demonstrating how tactics used in board, card, and athletic games also work in video games. 
Author Jesse Schell BindingPaperback
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Drawing on decades of experience,  Beep to Boom: The Development of Advanced Runtime Sound Systems for Games and Extended Reality  is a rigorous, comprehensive guide to interactive audio runtime systems.
AuthorSimon N Goodwin BindingPaperback
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This updated international bestseller provides an introduction to programming interactive computer graphics, with an emphasis on game development using DirectX 12
AuthorFrank D. Luna BindingPaperback
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