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Megan Meketa’s passion for crafting goes as far back as she can remember, coloring and making cards with her mom. That creativity stayed with her as she now crafts with her own children, teaching them a tangible way to show love to others with handmade gifts. Following her heart, designing, creating, and sharing has provided Megan with opportunities to collaborate with Michael's, Tulip, B-Flex, and more. Megan was also featured in the Cricut product release commercial of Infusible Ink. She spreads love and creativity online and in person through her business, Lovebird Heartworks. You can connect with her on Instagram @lovebird_heartworks or visit www.LovebirdHeartworks.com for more works of heart.
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By Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Matsuda, Trend-Pro Co, Ltd.
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