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Abdishakur Hassan  is a geographic information systems (GIS) expert and consultant with over 5 years of experience working with UN Habitat. He holds an MSc in geoinformation science and earth observations. During his tenure as a GIS expert, Abdishakur has developed fully fledged GIS applications in the urban planning and land administration domains. He is interested in all things related to geospatial data science.
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Pranav Shukla  is the founder and CEO of Valens DataLabs, a technologist, husband, and father of two. He is a big data architect and software craftsman who uses JVM-based languages. Pranav has over 14 years' experience in architecting enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. His core expertise lies in building JVM-based, scalable, reactive, and data-driven applications using Java/Scala, the Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, and NoSQL databases. Pranav founded Valens DataLabs with the vision of helping companies to leverage data to their competitive advantage.
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Salesforce Lightning Platform, used to build enterprise apps, is being increasingly adopted by admins, business analysts, consultants, architects, and especially developers. With this Salesforce certification, you'll be able to enhance your development skills and become a valuable member of your organization.
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Pedro Lopes  is a Program Manager in the Database Systems group, based in Redmond, WA, USA. He has over 19 years of industry experience and has been with Microsoft for 9 years. He is currently responsible for program management of Database Engine features for in-market and vNext versions of SQL Server, with a special focus on the Relational Engine. He has extensive experience with query performance troubleshooting and is a regular speaker at numerous conferences such as SQLBits, PASS Summit, SQLIntersection, Microsoft Ignite, and Microsoft Build.
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Rajesh  is a Hands-on Big Data Tech Lead and Enterprise Architect with extensive experience in the full life cycle of software development. He has successfully architected, developed and deployed highly scalable data solutions using Spark, Scala and Hadoop technology stack for several enterprises. A passionate, hands-on technologist, Rajesh has master's degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from BITS, Pilani (India).
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Simon Riggs  is the CTO of 2ndQuadrant, having contributed to PostgreSQL as a major developer and committer for 14 years. He has written and designed features for replication, performance, BI, management, and security. Under his guidance, 2ndQuadrant is now a leading developer of open source PostgreSQL, serving hundreds of clients in USA, Europe, and worldwide. Simon is a frequent speaker at many conferences on PostgreSQL Futures. He has worked as a database architect for 30 years.
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Sean Keery  began hacking obscure video game systems at the age of 13. Sean then developed interpersonal skills while teaching snowboarding. Nowadays, Cloud Foundry, choreography, containers and plenty of .io. Cluster deployments, IaaS independence, and his studies for a master's in data science keep Sean occupied. The daily commute is filled with podcasts and chipmunk bunny hops. Some family time, spicy food, a good book, and wrecking the latest toys keep Sean busy at home.
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Jesus Salcedo  has a PhD in psychometrics from Fordham University. He is an independent statistical consultant and has been using SPSS products for over 20 years. He is a former SPSS Curriculum Team Lead and Senior Education Specialist who has written numerous SPSS training courses and trained thousands of users.
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Andrew Berridge  is a data scientist at TIBCO Software Ltd. He has 10 years' experience with TIBCO Spotfire-first as an end user and latterly (for nearly 8 years) as a TIBCO employee. He is a world-renowned Spotfire expert and has assisted with selling Spotfire and implementing it for many customers. He has also developed parts of the latest versions of Spotfire, being on the team that implemented the AI-Driven Recommendations feature in Spotfire X. Prior to his role at TIBCO, Andrew was an internal consultant at one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.
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Alberto Paro  is an engineer, project manager, and software developer. He currently works as Big Data Practice Leader in NTTDATA in Italy on big data technologies, native cloud, and NoSQL solutions. He loves to study emerging solutions and applications mainly related to cloud and big data processing, NoSQL, NLP, and neural networks. In 2000, he graduated in computer science engineering from Politecnico di Milano.
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Edward L. Platt  creates technology for communities and communities for technology. He is currently a researcher at the University of Michigan School of Information and the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. He has published research on large-scale collective action, social networks, and online communities. He was formerly a staff researcher at the MIT Center for Civic Media. He contributes to many free/open source software projects, including tools for media analysis, network science, and cooperative organizations.
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Nathan Greeneltch , PhD is a ML engineer at Intel Corp and resident data mining and analytics expert in the AI consulting group. He's worked with Python analytics in both the start-up realm and the large-scale manufacturing sector over the course of the last decade. Nathan regularly mentors new hires and engineers fresh to the field of analytics, with impromptu chalk talks and division-wide knowledge-sharing sessions at Intel. In his past life, he was a physical chemist studying surface enhancement of the vibration signals of small molecules; a topic on which he wrote a doctoral thesis while at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Nathan hails from the southeastern United States, with family in equal parts from Arkansas and Florida.
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