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Best of Ruby Quiz

By James Gray
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Because practice refines your skills.Blackbelts practice kata, musicians practice scales, and athletes train endlessly.Practice strengthens your core skills and lets you safely explore new methodsyou wouldn’t be able to try otherwise. Now you can hone your softwaredevelopment skills to a fine edge by practicing with Best of Ruby Quiz.

JamesEdward Gray II runs the weekly Ruby Quiz on the Ruby Talk mailing list. He hashand picked the best 25 challenges from the first year and expanded themgreatly into book form.

Inside,you’ll find both problem statements (and there are some very cool problems) andworked solutions. For many problems, James provides multiple possiblesolutions. For each, he steps through the code, analyzing the strengths andweaknesses, showing how the clever parts work, and generally giving you a goodfeel for writing great code in Ruby.

Eachquiz teaches something new about programming:

  • Algorithm selection: see how choosing the right algorithm can dramatically change both the ease of coding and the performance of the solution.
  • Optimization: see the trade-offs you can make for memory usage, runtime speed, coding convenience, and read¬ability. Use benchmarking to validate that theory translates into practice.
  • Problem analysis: sometimes the trick is to dig deeper into the problem itself.
  • Code that learns: see how your code can learn from mistakes.
  • Code that cheats. (Did we say that?)

Ifyou’re just starting to learn Ruby, this book will help you to master how thisexciting language is used in practice. If you’re an old Ruby hand, you willfind plenty of new tricks to help you hone your skills on some tricky (and fun)challenges.

James Gray
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