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Previous Years’ Solved Question Papers GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering

By Pearson Education
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This book is one-stop solution for GATE aspirants to crack the GATE exam. The book includes previous years GATE questions segregated topic-wise along with exam analysis at the beginning of every unit. It will help the GATE aspirants to get an idea about the pattern and weightage of questions asked in GATE examination. The book also contains one free online mock test based on GATE examination pattern for practice.


1 Includes more than 27 years GATE questions arranged chapter-wise
2 Detailed solutions for better understanding
3 Includes latest GATE solved question paper with detailed analysis

4 Free Online Mock test based on GATE examination pattern for practice

Table of Content
"Preface vii
Syllabus: Mechanical Engineering ix
Important Tips for GATE Preparation xi
Detailed Analysis of GATE 2017
Solved Paper GATE 2017
Detailed Analysis of GATE 2016
Solved Paper GATE 2016
Detailed Analysis of GATE 2015
Solved Paper GATE 2015
Unit 1: Production
Chapter 1: Casting
Chapter 2: Welding
Chapter 3: Metal Cutting
Chapter 4: Machining
Chapter 5: Metal Forming
Chapter 6: Sheet Metal
Chapter 7: Metrology
Chapter 8: Advanced Machine Methods
Chapter 9: Non-traditional Machining Methods
Unit 2: I M and OR
Chapter 1: Linear Programming
Chapter 2: Pert and CPM
Chapter 3: Queuing Theory
Chapter 4: Inventory Control
Chapter 5: Transportation
Chapter 6: Production Planning and Control
Chapter 7: Forecasting
Chapter 8: Line Balancing
Chapter 9: Scheduling
Chapter 10: Sequencing
Chapter 11: Assignment
Chapter 12: Material Requirement and Planning
Unit 3: Fluid Mechanics and Turbo Machinery
Chapter 1: Property of Fluids
Chapter 2: Fluid Statics
Chapter 3: Fluid Kinematics
Chapter 4: Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 5: Laminar Flow
Chapter 6: Turbulent Flow
Chapter 7: Boundary Layer
Chapter 8: Turbo Machinery
Unit 4: Heat Transfer
Chapter 1: Conduction
Chapter 2: FINS and THC
Chapter 3: Convection
Chapter 4: Radiation
Chapter 5: Heat Exchangers
Unit 5: Thermodynamics
Chapter 1: Zeroth Law and Basic Concepts
Chapter 2: Work and Heat
Chapter 3: First Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 4: Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 5: Entropy
Chapter 6: Property of Pure Substances
Chapter 7: Availability
Chapter 8: Air Cycles
Chapter 9: Psychrometry
Chapter 10: Rankine Cycle
Chapter 11: Gas Turbines
Chapter 12: Refrigeration
Chapter 13: Internal Combustion Engines
Unit 6: Strength of Materials
Chapter 1: Simple Stresses
Chapter 2: Complex Stresses
Chapter 3: SFD and BMD
Chapter 4: Centroids and Moment of Inertia
Chapter 5: Pure Bending
Chapter 6: Shear Stress in Beams
Chapter 7: Springs
Chapter 8: Torsion
Chapter 9: Slopes and Deflections
Chapter 10: Thin Cylinders
Chapter 11: Column and Struts
Chapter 12: Propped and Fixed Beams
Chapter 13: Strain Energy
Unit 7: Machine Design
Chapter 1: Static Loading
Chapter 2: Fatigue
Chapter 3: Bolted, Riverted and Welded Joints
Chapter 4: Gears
Chapter 5: Rolling Contact Bearings
Chapter 6: Sliding Contact Bearings
Chapter 7: Brake
Chapter 8: Clutches
Unit 8: Theory of Machines
Chapter 1: Analysis of Planner Mechanism
Chapter 2: Dynamic Analysis of Single Slider-crank Mechanism
Chapter 3: Gear and Gear Trains
Chapter 4: Fly Wheels
Chapter 5: Mechanical Vibrations
Unit 9: Engineering Mechanics
Chapter 1: Engineering Mechanics
Unit 10: Material Science

Chapter 1: Material Science

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