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By Randal L. Schwartz
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Randal L. Schwartz is a two-decade veteran of the software industry. He is skilled in software design, system administration, security, technical writing, and training. Randal has coauthored the "must-have" standards: Programming Perl, Learning Perl, Learning Perl for Win32 Systems, and Effective Perl Learning, and is a regular columnist for WebTechniques, PerformanceComputing, SysAdmin, and Linux magazines.
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By James Tisdall
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James Tisdall has worked as a musician, a programmer at Bell Labs (where he programmed for speech research and discovered a formal language for musical rhythm) and as a bioinformaticist at Mercator Genetics in Menlo Park, California and at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.
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If you’re ready to get started with Perl 6, this is the book you want, whether you’re a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. Perl 6 is a new language—a modern reinvention of Perl suitable for almost any task, from short fixes to complete web applications. This hands-on tutorial gets you started.
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By Tom Christiansen , Brian D Foy, Larry Wall
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Adopted as the undisputed Perl bible soon after the first edition appeared in 1991, Programming Perl is still the go-to guide for this highly practical language. Perl began life as a super-fueled text processing utility but quickly evolved into a general purpose programming language that's helped hundreds of thousands of programmers, system administrators and enthusiasts, like you, get your job done.
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By Martin Brown
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Written by Martin Brown, Perl expert and author of the highly praised first edition, this comprehensive reference is ideal for developers of every level, and is updated to include coverage of Perl 5.6.
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By Simon Cozens
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With a worldwide community of users and more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be the most effective language for the latest trends in computing and business. Every programmer must keep up with the latest tools and techniques.
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Take the next step toward Perl mastery withadvanced concepts that make coding easier, maintenance simpler, and executionfaster. Mastering Perl isn’t a collection of clever tricks, but a way ofthinking about Perl programming for solving debugging, configuration, and manyother real-world problems...
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By Eric Giguere
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Eric Giguere is the author of several books and numerous magazine and online articles on computers and programming. His most recent book is Programming Interviews Exposed, now in its third edition. He's also an expert at wireless and mobile programming, and has tons of Java experience.
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Perl soared to popularity as a language for creating and managing web content, but with LWP (Library for WWW in Perl), Perl is equally adept at consuming information on the Web. LWP is a suite of modules for fetching and processing web pages.
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By Shawn Wallace
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Graphics programmers aren't the only ones who need to be proficient with graphics. Web and applications programmers know that a dull web page can be quickly transformed into one that's interesting and lively with the use of well-planned graphics. And fortunately, you don't need the skills of a fulltime graphics programmer to use graphics effectively. From access counters and log report graphs to scientific plots and on-the-fly animated GIFs, graphics scripting is within the grasp of most web programmers. Using open source software, like Perl, you have the power to dynamically generate graphics based on user input and activity, easily manipulate graphics content, and optimize graphics for compression and quality.
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By Johan Vromans
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The Perl Pocket Reference is an invaluable reference for those who find themselves frequently searching for a quick answer to a question or reminder of a syntax rule. This handy, well-organized quick reference condenses stacks of Perl documentation down to the most essential...
AuthorJohan Vromans BindingPaperback
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