Embedded Programming

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By Marc Loy
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Marc Loy caught the programming bug after learning 6808 assembly to program his school’s HERO 1 in the 80s. He developed and delivered training classes on Java, Unix internals, and networking at Sun Microsystems back in the day and has continued training a (much) wider audience ever since. He now spends his days consulting and writing on technical and media topics. He has also caught the maker bug and is exploring the fast-growing world of embedded electronics and wearables.
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Alex Thomas is a data scientist at Indeed. He has used natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning with clinical data, identity data, and now employer and jobseeker data. He has worked with Apache Spark since version 0.9, and has worked with NLP libraries and frameworks including UIMA and OpenNLP.
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By Graham R Wilson
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The author has taught the design and use of microprocessor systems to undergraduate and technician level students for over 25 years. A core text for academic modules on microprocessors, embedded systems and computer architecture A practical design-orientated approach
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The first title in Addison-Wesley’s new Android™ Deep Dive series for intermediate and expert Android developers,  Embedded Programming with Android™  draws on Roger Ye’s extensive experience with advanced projects in telecommunications and mobile devices.
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This book provides a hands-on introductory course on concepts of C programming using a PIC® microcontroller and CCS C compiler.
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This book covers the basic concepts and principles of operating systems, showing how to apply them to the design and implementation of complete operating systems for embedded and real-time systems.
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By Joseph A. Fisher, Paolo Faraboschi, Cliff Young
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Key Features Complemented by a unique, professional-quality embedded tool-chain on the authors' Combines technical depth with real-world experience Comprehensively explains the differences between general purpose computing systems and embedded systems at the hardware, software, tools and operating system levels
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By Jack Ganssle
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Jack Ganssle has 30 years' experience developing embedded systems. He has authored two books, The Art of Programming Embedded Systems and The Art of Designing Embedded Systems, and writes a regular column in Embedded Systems Programming magazine. Michael Barr is the editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming magazine and the principal of Netrino Consultants Network. He wrote Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++.
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Making Things Smart teaches the fundamentals of the powerful ARM microcontroller by walking beginners and experienced users alike through easily assembled projects comprised of inexpensive, hardware-store parts
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By Edward Ashford Lee ,‎ Sanjit Arunkumar Seshia
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The most visible use of computers and software is processing information for human consumption. The vast majority of computers in use, however, are much less visible.
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By Raj Rajkumar, Dionisio de Niz , Mark Klein
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The next generation of mission-critical and embedded systems will be “cyber physical”: They will demand the precisely synchronized and seamless integration of complex sets of computational algorithms and physical components. Cyber-Physical Systems is the definitive guide to building cyber-physical systems (CPS) for a wide spectrum of engineering and computing applications.
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By Gaurav Verma
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As we know that we are surrounded by the world of embedded systems or devices, everyday a new idea has aroused to make these systems better and better from different perspectives. I want to share the concepts of reducing the power in the systems built around 8051 microcontroller because this is...
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