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Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development (Paperback)

By Jason Orendorff, Jim Blandy
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Rust is a new systems programming language that combines the performance and low-level control of C and C++ with memory safety and thread safety. Rust’s modern, flexible types ensure your program is free of null pointer dereferences, double frees, dangling pointers, and similar bugs, all at compile time, without runtime overhead. In multi-threaded code, Rust catches data races at compile time, making concurrency much easier to use.

Written by two experienced systems programmers, this book explains how Rust manages to bridge the gap between performance and safety, and how you can take advantage of it. Topics include:

  • How Rust represents values in memory (with diagrams)
  • Complete explanations of ownership, moves, borrows, and lifetimes
  • Cargo, rustdoc, unit tests, and how to publish your code on, Rust’s public package repository
  • High-level features like generic code, closures, collections, and iterators that make Rust productive and flexible
  • Concurrency in Rust: threads, mutexes, channels, and atomics, all much safer to use than in C or C++
  • Unsafe code, and how to preserve the integrity of ordinary code that uses it
  • Extended examples illustrating how pieces of the language fit together
About the Author

Jim Blandy works on Firefox's web developer tools for Mozilla. He's been a maintainer of GNU Emacs and GNU Guile, as well as GDB, the GNU Debugger. Jim is one of the original designers of the Subversion version control system.

Jason Orendorff hacks C++ for Mozilla, where he is module owner of Firefox's JavaScript engine. He is and active member of the Nashville developer community and an occasional organizer of homegrown tech events.

Jason Orendorff, Jim Blandy
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