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Jason Rivera is a SharePoint architect, developer, and consultant in Philadelphia. Specializing in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 solution architecture, he plans and implements tailored solutions with the goal of enhancing communication, productivity, and collaboration. Jason has over a decade of experience in designing and implementing business solutions that integrate with line of business systems to achieve each customer's unique goals. His work has taken him from the DC area to New York, working with companies in various industries from local small businesses to global corporations.
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About Microsoft Certification Passing this exam and Exam AZ-800 Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure fulfills your requirements for the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate credential. This demonstrates your expertise in configuring and managing Windows Server on-premises, hybrid, and IaaS platform workloads; integrating Windows Server environments with Azure services; managing and maintaining Windows Server IaaS workloads in Azure, and moving workloads to Azure. This certification supports your goals as an IT, cloud, identity/access, or information protection administrator; a network, security, or support engineer, and a technology manager.
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By Michael Howard , Simone Curzi , Heinrich Gantenbein
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Plan, build, and maintain highly secure Azure applications and workloads As business-critical applications and workloads move to the Microsoft Azure cloud, they must stand up against dangerous new threats. That means you must build robust security into your designs, use proven best practices across the entire development lifecycle, and combine multiple Azure services to optimize security. Now, a team of leading Azure security experts shows how to do just that. Drawing on extensive experience securing Azure workloads, the authors present a practical tutorial for addressing immediate security challenges, and a definitive design reference to rely on for years. Learn how to make the most of the platform by integrating multiple Azure security technologies at the application and network layers— taking you from design and development to testing, deployment, governance, and compliance.
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By Tom Janetscheck , Yuri Diogenes
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The definitive practical guide to Microsoft Defender for Cloud covering new components and multi-cloud enhancements! Microsoft Defender for Cloud  offers comprehensive tools for hardening resources, tracking security posture, protecting against attacks, and streamlining security management – all in one natively integrated toolset. Now, leading Microsoft security experts Yuri Diogenes and Tom Janetscheck help you apply its robust protection, detection, and response capabilities throughout your operations, protecting workloads running on all your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises platforms.
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By Michal Plachta
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Grokking Functional Programming  is a practical book written especially for object-oriented programmers. Grokking Functional Programming  teaches you first to break down problems in a new way so you can approach them from a FP mindset. Following carefully-selected examples with thorough, carefully-paced explanations, you'll immerse yourself in FP concept by concept. Along the way, exercises, checks for understanding, and even the occasional puzzler give you opportunities to think and practice what you're learning.
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By Ciprian Adrian Rusen
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Powering 75% of the PCs on the planet, Microsoft Windows is capable of extraordinary things. And you don’t need to be a computer scientist to explore the nooks and crannies of the operating system! With  Windows 11 All-in-One For Dumm ies, anyone can discover how to dig into Microsoft’s ubiquitous operating system and get the most out of the latest version. 
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By Dick Kusleika
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DICK KUSLEIKA  is a 12-year Microsoft Excel MVP and the principal contributor at the Daily Dose of Excel Blog.
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This product will be shipped on 30-04-2023
In  MCA Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Complete Study Guide: Exam AZ-800 and Exam AZ-801 , five-time Microsoft MVP and veteran IT trainer William Panek delivers a one-stop resource to help you efficiently prepare for and pass the required exams for Microsoft’s latest Windows Server certification. In the book, you’ll learn to expertly administer Windows Server workloads and services using on-premises, hybrid, and cloud technologies.
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By Matthew Portnoy
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This product will be shipped on 30-04-2023
The updated new edition of  Virtualization Essentials  teaches you the core concepts and skills necessary to work with virtualization environments. Designed for new and aspiring IT professionals alike, this practical guide offers an applied, real-world approach to help you develop the necessary skill set to work in Cloud computing, the DevOps space, and the rest of the virtual world.
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By Colby Ford
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This practical guide bridges the gap between general cloud computing architecture in Microsoft Azure and scientific computing for bioinformatics and genomics. You'll get a solid understanding of the architecture patterns and services that are offered in Azure and how they might be used in your bioinformatics practice. You'll get code examples that you can reuse for your specific needs. And you'll get plenty of concrete examples to illustrate how a given service is used in a bioinformatics context.
AuthorColby Ford BindingPaperback
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By Sachchidanand Singh Prithvipal Singh
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The book begins with the basic concepts of Data types, Constants, Variables, Operators, Reassignment, and Redeclaration. Moving ahead, we explore and learn the use of Functions, Control flows, Arrays, Slices, Maps, and Structs using some great examples and illustrations. We then get to know about Methods in Golang. Furthermore, we learn about complex aspects of Golang such as Interfaces,Pointers, Concurrency and Error Handling
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By Dr.Pratiyush Guleria
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Topics of Arrays, functions, databases, sessions, and file upload control are covered with practical exercises and use-cases scattered throughout. After reading this book, students will be very familiar with the VB.NET and ASP.NET programming examples and can successfully transition themselves into a professional developer.
AuthorDr.Pratiyush Guleria BindingPaperback
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