Team Management

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Here are some passages from the book that have been repeatedly highlighted by readers. The CIO and team who bring the full power of technology value to the business will dramatically improve the enterprise's position in their industry and the position of the IT team in their enterprise. Excellent leaders minimally manage and they don't administer at all! Leaders know that if they assume a management role rather than an executive role then the people who work for them will expect to be managed and they will act as if they should be managed. Leaders know that if they unnecessarily take on administrative tasks they won't be in the proper frame of mind to lead. Excellent leaders stay in their leadership roll all the time! Our goal is to develop a Technology Strategic Target that supports and enhances the Business Strategic Target
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By Jan Schilt
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ABC stands for the Attitude, Behavior and Culture within IT organizations. With the growing importance of IT to business operations we can no longer afford to have our ITSM improvement programs and initiatives fail because of Attitude, Behavior or Culture issues
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By Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman
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In the course of their 20+-year engineering careers, authors Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman have picked up a treasure trove of wisdom and anecdotes about how successful teams work together. Their conclusion? Even among people who have spent decades learning the technical side of their...
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By Manisha Dubey Shukla, Govind P. Shinde, D.Y.Patil
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