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Tom Taulli (@ttaulli) is the author of various books, including Artificial Intelligence Basics and the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Handbook. He is also the author of mainframe development courses for Besides his writings, Tom is a consultant to tech startups and a frequent speaker at conferences.
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By Raul Menendez, Doug Lowe
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"When I am working on designing and coding CICS/COBOL programs, the only thing that spends more time on my desk than this book is my terminal."
By Doug Lowe
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Now you can quickly master ISPF with this practical book. Chapter 1introduces you to MVS (both MVS/XA and MVS/ESA) and shows you how TSO/ISPF relates to the operating system.
AuthorDoug Lowe BindingPaperback
By Raul Menendez , Doug Lowe
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I’m delighted to announce a NEW, single-volume version of our CICS series, now entitled "Murach’s CICS for the COBOL Programmer." This is the material that’s trained more than 150,000 COBOL programmers to use CICS over the years, now thoroughly updated with the latest versions of CICS, along with new information that deals with the past (guidelines for maintaining CICS programs) and the future (an intro to component-based design and web programming with CICS). Beyond that, we’ve completely re-organized the book to meet today’s need for fast-paced training. Not only will you write your first CICS program sooner. But you’ll also get all the information in the paired-pages format that our customers like so well in our DB2, COBOL, and Visual Basic books. That makes the book ideal for reference, as well as training. In fact, you can’t find a more professionally-oriented CICS course anywhere, at any price.
By Raul Menendez , Doug Lowe
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A thoroughly redesigned and updated version of Murach's best-selling book that makes it easier than ever to learn how to use JCL (Job Control Language) on IBM mainframes.
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