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‘Waiter in One Minute’ focuses on the profession of waiters and their daily tasks. It helps analyse tasks and suggests ways to enhance service quality and efficiency. This book provides an excellent foundation for food service professionals.
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By Kathy Ceceri
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Believe it or not, there's a lot of inventing going on in the kitchen. Unless you only eat fruits and veggies right off the plant, you are using tools and techniques invented by humans to make food more tasty and easier to digest. When you cook food, you start to break it down into a form your...
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By Meena Shankaran
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Marvels of Variety Millet Cuisines’ is my twelfth book in the series on culinary items. Based on the encouragement received from my earlier books, I have written this book. From time immemorial humanity has always yearned for wealth as also for good health. While there are various...
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