Internet Of Things Project

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Christopher Rush has a degree in computer science and has spent the last 10 years working for an electronics distribution company as a product manager for single-board computing.
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The Digital phenomenon that is sweeping through business and the It sector is the biggest thing since the Internet took the world by storm. Unlike the Internet revolution and DotCom madness, Digital is largely business-driven.
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What You Will Learn Implement data science in your IoT projects and build a smart temperature controller Create a simple machine learning application and implement decision system concepts Develop a vision machine using OpenCV Build a robot car with manual and automatic control Implement speech modules with your own voice commands for IoT projects Connect IoT to a cloud-based server
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By John Keefe
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"The Internet of Things" is the new buzzphrase, but what is it? A toaster that texts? The fitness band on your wrist? The camera in an infant's room? Sure, it's all of those things. But it's also your phone: an ultra-sophisticated sensor and communications system in your pocket or purse--capable...
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