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Murach's Oracle SQL & Pl/SQL Works with All Versions Through 11G (Paperback)

By Murach
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If you're developing applications that access Oracle databases, why not let SQL do more of the work for you? With the new, free, Express Edition of Oracle Database and Oracle SQL Developer (also free), you can set up the database environment you need and train yourself right on your own computer. This new book shows you how! Get started fast with Oracle SQL Developer In chapter 1, you'll quickly master the database concepts you have to know to handle Oracle databases effectively. Then, chapter 2 gets you started using Oracle SQL Developer. This graphical tool makes it far easier to work with an Oracle database than it is with command-line tools like SQL*Plus, so you can be more productive right from the start. Master the SQL that you'll use every day Section 2 starts you off writing SQL statements that retrieve and update the data in an Oracle database. But it doesn't stop with simple SQL statements. Instead, it also teaches you how to work with complex inner and outer joins, summary queries, subqueries, data types, and functions?all features that allow you to retrieve and update data more efficiently. Design databases like a DBA This isn't a DBA book. But you may be called upon to create test tables for your applications. And to write efficient queries, you need to understand how database design decisions affect security and performance. So section 3 shows you how to design an Oracle database. Then, it shows you how to code SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) statements to implement the design, to create views, and to manage security. Along the way, you'll gain insight into the issues DBAs deal with every day...a plus if you decide you want to move in that career direction. Master PL/SQL PL/SQL is Oracle's procedure language that allows you to code loops, if-else structures, and error-handling structures to build more complex scripts.

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