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By Sambaiah Sammeta, Sukumar Chillakuru
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This book is dedicated solely to demonstrate upgrading Oracle Databases to 19c by using AutoUpgrade tool. It has a very good explanation about different AutoUpgrade processing modes (Analyze, Fixup, Deploy, and Upgrade) and various stages that the AutoUpgrade job runs while performing database upgrade. Multiple chapters in this book covers various scenarios with detailed steps for upgrading Oracle database from versions 11g/12c/18c to version 19c and Downgrading from 19c to 11g/12c/18c.
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By Javid Ur Rahaman
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Description The Oracle Enterprise Architecture Framework emerges from the on-site legacy to current cloud native and is called Modern Oracle Enterprise Architecture.
AuthorJavid Ur Rahaman BindingPaperback
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By Alice Zhao
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If you use SQL in your day-to-day work as a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer, this popular pocket guide is your ideal on-the-job reference.
AuthorAlice Zhao BindingPaperback
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Dr. Madhavi Vaidya  is an experienced and qualified Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry . Skilled in programming languages like C, Python, SQL, Oracle Database,  Dr. Madhavi has understanding and knowledge of Data Analytics, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering and Project Management.
AuthorDr. Madhavi Vaidya BindingPaperback
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By Y. V. Ravi Kumar , Mariami Kupatadze , Tridib Das , Konstantin Kerekovski
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The book starts with a brief introduction about Oracle GoldenGate with Microservices and how to configure high availability using various methods. Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture (MA) is a similar architecture based on REST APIs which enable us to configure, monitor, and manage Oracle GoldenGate services using a web-based user interface. 
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Robert G. Freeman,  OCA, OCP, has worked with Oracle database products for over 20 years. He is the author of Oracle Recovery Manager and the Oracle OCP Exam. He frequently speaks on Oracle database topics. Charles A. Pack,  OCA, OCP, has over 20 years of IT experience. He taught Oracle DBA classes at Florida Community College, Jacksonville, and presents at universities and professional organizations. Both were coauthors of Sybex’s  OCP: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide .
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Maintain a high-performance enterprise application framework using the detailed information in this authoritative resourc
Author Sam Alapati BindingPaperback
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By Brendan Tierney
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Build Next-Generation In-Database Predictive Analytics Applications with Oracle Data Miner “If you have an Oracle Database and want to leverage that data to discover new insights, make predictions, and generate actionable insights, this book is a must read for you! In  Predictive Analytics Using Oracle Data Miner: Develop & Use Oracle Data Mining Models in Oracle Data Miner, SQL & PL/SQL , Brendan Tierney, Oracle ACE Director and data mining expert, guides you through the basic concepts of data mining and offers step-by-step instructions for solving data-driven problems using SQL Developer’s Oracle Data Mining extension. Brendan takes it full circle by showing you how to deploy advanced analytical methodologies and predictive models immediately into enterprise-wide production environments using the in-database SQL and PL/SQL functionality.
Author Brendan Tierney BindingPaperback
Structured Query Language or SQL is a computer programming language primarily used in a relational database management system for managing and extracting data.
AuthorDonald K. Burleson BindingPaperback
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If you're developing applications that access Oracle databases, why not let SQL do more of the work for you? With the new, free, Express Edition of Oracle Database and Oracle SQL Developer (also free), you can set up the database environment you need and train yourself right on your own computer.
AuthorMurach BindingPaperback
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Oracle Database is one of the most popular databases and allows users to make efficient use of their resources and to enhance service levels while reducing the IT costs incurred. Oracle Database is sometimes compared with Microsoft SQL Server, however, Oracle Database clearly supersedes SQL server in terms of high availability and addressing planned and unplanned downtime. Oracle PL/SQL provides a rich platform for application developers to code and build scalable database applications and introduces multiple new features and enhancements to improve development experience.
AuthorSaurabh K. Gupta BindingPaperback
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By John P Jeffries
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The book is aimed at Oracle database administrators, project managers, and solution architects who wish to extend their knowledge of GoldenGate. The reader is assumed to be familiar with Oracle databases. No knowledge of GoldenGate is required.
AuthorJohn P Jeffries BindingPaperback
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