Distributed Database

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By Mayra Zurbarán , Thomas Kraft , Stephen Vincent Mather , Bborie Park, Pedro Wightman
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By the end, you will be armed with all the tools and instructions you need to both manage the spatial database system and make better decisions as your project's requirements evolve
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By Sambaiah Sammeta, Sukumar Chillakuru
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This book is dedicated solely to demonstrate upgrading Oracle Databases to 19c by using AutoUpgrade tool. It has a very good explanation about different AutoUpgrade processing modes (Analyze, Fixup, Deploy, and Upgrade) and various stages that the AutoUpgrade job runs while performing database upgrade. Multiple chapters in this book covers various scenarios with detailed steps for upgrading Oracle database from versions 11g/12c/18c to version 19c and Downgrading from 19c to 11g/12c/18c.
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By Dave Bechberger
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Relationships in data often look far more like a web than an orderly set of rows and columns. Graph databases shine when it comes to revealing valuable insights within complex, interconnected data such as demographics, financial records, or computer networks. In  Graph Databases in Action , experts Dave Bechberger and Josh Perryman illuminate the design and implementation of graph databases in real-world applications. You'll learn how to choose the right database solutions for your tasks, and how to use your new knowledge to build agile, flexible, and high-performing graph-powered applications!
AuthorDave Bechberger BindingPaperback
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If you create, manage, operate, or configure systems running in the cloud, you're a cloud engineer--even if you work as a system administrator, software developer, data scientist, or site reliability engineer. With this book, professionals from around the world provide valuable insight into today's cloud engineering role.
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Mr. Charles Givre  is a lead data scientist at Deutsche Bank in the Central Security Office (CSO) where he works in the intersection of cyber security and data science. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Mr. Givre was a Senior Lead Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton on one of the firm's largest analytic programs where he led data science efforts and worked to expand the role of data science in the program.
Author Mr. Charles Givre BindingPaperback
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