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By Alexander Dean, Valentin Crettaz
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Alexander Dean  is co-founder and technical lead of Snowplow Analytics, an open source event processing and analytics platform. Valentin Crettaz  is an independent IT consultant who's been working for the past 25 years on many different challenging projects across the globe. His expertise ranges from software engineering and architecture to data science and business intelligence. His daily job boils down to leveraging the latest and most cutting-edge web, data, and streaming technologies to implement IT solutions that will help reduce the cultural gap between IT and business people.
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By Alexander Zai
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About the book Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action  teaches you how to program AI agents that adapt and improve based on direct feedback from their environment. In this example-rich tutorial, you’ll master foundational and advanced DRL techniques by taking on interesting challenges like navigating a maze and playing video games. Along the way, you’ll work with core algorithms, including deep Q-networks and policy gradients, along with industry-standard tools like PyTorch and OpenAI Gym.
AuthorAlexander Zai BindingPaperback
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By Mara Bos
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Mara Bos maintains the Rust standard library and builds real time control systems in Rust. As team lead of the Rust library teams, she knows all the ins and outs of the language and the standard library. In addition, she has been working with concurrent real time systems for years at the company she founded. Maintaining the most-used library in the Rust ecosystem and working daily on safety critical systems has given her the hands-on experience to both understand the theory and bring it to practice.
AuthorMara Bos BindingPaperback
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By Leo S. Hsu, Regina Obe
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About the book PostGIS in Action, Third Edition  shows you how to solve real-world geodata problems. You’ll go beyond basic mapping, and explore custom functions for your applications. Inside this fully updated edition, you’ll find coverage of new PostGIS features such as PostGIS Window functions, parallelization of queries, and outputting data for applications using JSON and Vector Tile functions.
AuthorLeo S. Hsu, Regina Obe BindingPaperback
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Advances in Business Statistics, Methods and Data Collection  delivers insights into the latest state of play in producing establishment statistics, obtained from businesses, farms and institutions. Presenting materials and reflecting discussions from the 6th International Conference on Establishment Statistics (ICES-VI), this edited volume provides a broad overview of methodology underlying current establishment statistics from every aspect of the production-life cycle while spotlighting innovative and impactful advancements in the development, conduct, and evaluation of modern establishment statistics programs. Highlights include:
AuthorGer Snijkers BindingPaperback
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Anita Khosla , PhD, is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, University, Faridabad. She is editor of two books and more than 50 research papers in national, international journals and conferences. Prasenjit Chatterjee , PhD, is a full professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean (Research and Consultancy) at MCKV Institute of Engineering, West Bengal, India. He has more than 120 research papers in various international journals and peer reviewed conferences. Ikbal Ali , PhD, is professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. Dheeraj Joshi , PhD, is a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, Delhi Technological University since 2015. He has published more than 200 publications in international/national journals and conferences. 
AuthorAnita Khosla BindingHardcover
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By Ratan K. Ghosh, Hiranmay Ghosh
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Distributed Computing: Theory and Applications  is organized around three aspects of distributed systems: networks, middleware tools, and applications. It presents architectural uniform methods to implement a distributed shared memory system for realization data consistency models suited to distributed applications' requirements. To aid in understanding how these concepts apply to real-world situations, the work illustrates topics with practical applications and includes references for further reading. Downloadable lecture slides are also included to help professors and instructors convey key concepts to their students.
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The book provides readers with coverage of every domain and competency tested by the Associate Cloud Engineer exam, including how to select the right Google compute service from the wide variety of choices, how to choose the best storage option for your services, and how to implement appropriate security controls and network functionality.
AuthorDan Sullivan BindingPaperback
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By Mohamed Benyoucef
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Mohamed Benyoucef  is group leader at the University of Kassel, Germany. He is actively involved in a research network related to quantum communication and quantum technology, and his research focuses on the development of novel and advanced quantum nanoarchitectures, integration of III-V semiconductor light sources in silicon, as well as investigating molecule complexes and their integration in solid-state platforms as hybrid quantum systems for applications in quantum technology.
AuthorMohamed Benyoucef BindingHardcover
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By Anwer Al-Dulaimi, Octavia A. Dobre, Chih-Lin I
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Anwer Al-Dulaimi, PhD,  is a Technical Product Owner at Center of Excellence, EXFO Inc. in Montreal, Canada. He is a member of NSERV discovery grants committee, senior member of IEEE, and a voting member of IEEE MobiNet Standards Committee. He co-edited the Wiley-IEEE Press title  5G Networks: Fundamental Requirements, Enabling Technologies  (2019). Octavia A. Dobre, PhD,  is a Professor and Research Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Memorial University, Canada. She is an IEEE Fellow and is the Inaugural Editor-in-Chief for the  IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society . Chih-Lin I, PhD,  established the Green Communications Research Center of China Mobile, spearheading in her role as the CMCC Chief Scientist of Wireless Technologies major initiatives including 5G Key Technologies R&D.
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By Savo G. Glisic
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Savo Glisic , Research Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA. Professor Glisic (Senior Member, IEEE) was a Visiting Scientist with the Cranfield Institute of  Technology, Cranfield, U.K., from 1976 to 1977, and the University of California, San  Diego, from 1986 to 1987. He is a Former Professor with the University of Oulu, Finland,  and the INS Institute for Networking Sciences/Globalcomm Oy. He has been active in the field of wireless communications for 30+ years.
AuthorSavo G. Glisic BindingHardcover
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By Kuldeep Singh Kaswan , Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal, Anupam Baliyan, Shalli Rani
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Kuldeep Singh Kaswan, PhD,  is Professor in the School of Computing Science and Engineering at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, India. Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal, PhD,  is Associate Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science at Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram, AP, India. Anupam Baliyan, PhD,  is Professor of Engineering and Technology at Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab, India. Shalli Rani, PhD,  is Professsor of Engineering and Technology at Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Punjab, India.
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