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By Daniel I.A. Cohen
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This text strikes a good balance between rigor and an intuitive approach to computer theory. Covers all the topics needed by computer scientists with a sometimes humorous approach that reviewers found "refreshing". The goal of the book is to provide a firm understanding of the principles and the...
AuthorDaniel I.A. Cohen BindingPaperback
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Learn how to design digital circuits with FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), the devices that reconfigure themselves to become the very hardware circuits you set out to program. With this practical guide, author Justin Rajewski shows you hands-on how to create FPGA projects, whether you’re a programmer, engineer, product designer, or maker. You’ll quickly go from the basics to designing your own processor.
AuthorJustin Rajewski BindingPaperback
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Digital Design, fifth edition is a modern update of the classic authoritative text on digital design. This book teaches the basic concepts of digital design in a clear, accessible manner. The book presents the basic tools for the design of digital circuits and provides procedures suitable for a variety of digital applications.
AuthorM. Morris Mano BindingPaperback
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By Pearson Certification Team
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Computer Structure and Logic, compiled by the Pearson Certification Team, is a comprehensive book for Computer Science Engineering students. It helps students to learn about computers and networks from the ground-up. It comprises of 150 review questions with detailed answers, explanation for each part of a computer and its role, simple repair techniques and troubleshooting methods, real-world examples and case studies, operating systems concepts including basics of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, basic security concepts including protecting data, connections and computer, and various concepts in network and the internet.
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By John F. Wakerly
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AuthorJohn F. Wakerly BindingPaperback
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