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Peter von Oven is an experienced technical consultant and has spent the past 25 years working with customers and partners designing technology solutions. During his career, Peter has presented at key IT events, such as VMworld, IP EXPO, and various VMUGs and CCUG events. He has also worked in senior presales roles and presales management roles for Fujitsu, HP, Citrix, and VMware, and has been awarded VMware vExpert four years running. In 2016, Peter founded his own company, Droplet Computing, where he works today as the Founder and Chief Technology Officer. 
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By Nick Marshall, Mike Brown, G. Blair Fritz, Ryan Johnson
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Nick Marshall has worked in the IT industry for nearly 20 years. As a senior integration architect at VMware, he now helps develop products such as VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Validated Designs and vSphere itself. Nick blogs at nickmarshall.com.au and you can follow him on Twitter at @nickmarshall9.  
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By Peter Von Oven
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Peter von Oven is an experienced technical consultant and has spent the last 20 years of his IT career working with customers and partners, designing technology solutions aimed at delivering true business value.
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By Bill Ferguson
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Bill Ferguson, VCI 3, 4, 5; VCP 3, 4, 5; CCSI; and MCT Alumni has been in the computer industry for more than 20 years. Originally in technical sales and IT consulting with Sprint, he made his transition to Certified Technical Trainer in 1997 with ExecuTrain. He now runs his own company, Parallel Connections, as an independent contractor and consultant based in Birmingham, Alabama, working worldwide for most of the national training companies and some regional training companies.
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Elver Sena Sosa , CCIE 7321 Emeritus (R&S), VCDX-NV (#154), CCSI, VCI. Elver has been working in IT since the late 1990s. Elver started his IT career as an intern network engineer in Appleton, Wisconsin, later moving to Columbus, Ohio, to work with AT&T Solutions. Over the years Elver continued to learn more about different technologies and how these technologies could help solve business problems.
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By Nick Marshall, Grant Orchard, Josh Atwell, Scott Lowe
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Nick Marshall is an Integration Architect at VMware, where he helps build products including vSphere, vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Automation Center. He has over 14 years of IT experience and holds multiple advanced IT certifications.
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