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This book emphasizes on the Advanced Scrum Add-ons/Techniques to be explored, applied, and utilized by the Scrum Teams to establish and improve a fully functional Scrum-based Agile Way of Working. Reading this book not only helps the Scrum Teams to encourage their overall responsibility, accountability, and ownership, but also guides them to become High-Performing Scrum Teams.
AuthorRituraj Patil BindingPaperback
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If you are using Salesforce you are already committed to getting the most out of your tech solutions. In the same mindset, you want to get the most out of team working—maybe you’ve heard of Agile and Scrum—but somewhere along the way habits have formed which aren’t achieving that goal.
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By Jeff Sutherland, James O. Coplien
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Printed in Full Color Gain insights and depth of rationale into Scrum from many highly respected world authorities, including one of its founders, who lead you through the deep foundations of Scrum's structure and practice
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Scrum, as a new way of product development, delivers high value. Authentic knowledge body of Scrum is Scrum Guide.
By Nader k. Rad
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The Courseware is accredited and suited for the Agile Scrum Foundation certification and exam from EXIN.Besides assignments and strong visuals to support the didactic learning of the delegates there are also assignments and a sample exams added to the material wish have all been created by the author who has also written the Agile Scrum Foundation publication (the official publication for the EXIN certification)
AuthorNader k. Rad BindingPaperback
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The brain of a Scrum Team is the Product Owner. Product Owners maximize the value of the product and optimize the work of the Development Team.
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