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2015, 1, Paperback, Archana Avasthi
Technology-based products are a boon for financial inclusion, and this has rapidly become the go-to criteria for development. This realisation has also seen the Reserve Bank of India introduce many technology-based products in the country. New technology based products helped the Government and the RBI in their financial inclusion mission on one hand, but ended up creating potential for fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. The threat thus posed to the financial sector has led the RBI to issue guidelines for KYC Norms/ AML Standards/ CFT obligations, among others to prevent banks from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for nefarious activities. However, these sporadically updated critical regulations make it difficult for banking employees to keep up with in the modern day busy lifestyle. This is prone to leave them vulnerable to organizational action and serious legal implications in case of deviance from prescribed procedures as the system fails to recognize ignorance as an acceptable excuse.
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2014, 1, Paperback, Joydeep Sen
There are various books that tell you what is a Mutual Fund, but none that guides you on how to make the investments, and none that specializes on fixed income (also known as debt). Practically, Mutual Fund is the only vehicle through which investors can participate in the fixed income market. This book handholds you on the relevant concepts and parameters for investing in fixed income oriented Mutual Fund Schemes.
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2016, 1, Paperback, Bonnie Biafore
How can you make your bookkeeping workflow smoother and faster? Simple. With QuickBooks 2016: The Missing Manual (which covers the Windows version of QuickBooks), you’re in control: you get step-by-step instructions on how and when to use specific features, along with basic bookkeeping and accounting advice to guide you through the learning process. Discover new and improved features like the Insights dashboard and easy report commenting.
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