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By Tim Bottke
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The Data-Driven Guide for your Digital Transformation Payday In  Digital Transformation Payday: Navigate the Hype, Lower the Risks, Increase Return on Investments , Tim Bottke, Senior Strategy Partner at Deloitte and Associate Professor for Strategy and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi, a  Financial Times / Forbes / Bloomberg Businessweek  Top-Five European business school, delivers a provocative, new perspective on digital business transformation—using research to get beyond the hype and uncover its real financial payback.
AuthorTim Bottke BindingPaperback
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By Prabhat Kumar
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Who this book is for It is a simple, explanatory, and descriptive guide for developers, technology consultants, and those interested in AI and wants to understand the fundamentals of AI and implement it practically by devising smart solutions.
AuthorPrabhat Kumar BindingPaperback
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By The Princeton Review
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The experts at  The Princeton Review  have been helping students, parents, and educators achieve the best results at every stage of the education process since 1981. The Princeton Review has helped millions succeed on standardized tests, and provides expert advice and instruction to help parents, teachers, students, and schools navigate the complexities of school admission. In addition to classroom courses in over 40 states and 20 countries, The Princeton Review also offers online and school-based courses, one-to-one and small-group tutoring as well as online services in both admission counseling and academic homework help.
AuthorThe Princeton Review BindingPaperback
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By Bernard Marr
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BERNARD MARR  is an internationally best-selling business author, sought-after keynote speaker, and strategic advisor to companies and governments. He has a regular column in Forbes on AI, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and blockchain. He is CEO of Bernard Marr & Co., and regularly advises businesses on digital transformation and performance.
AuthorBernard Marr BindingHardcover
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By Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth, Tommaso Di Bartolo
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CATHY HACKL  is a globally renowned tech futurist and executive with extensive experience working with HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. She is the CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group. DIRK LUETH  is a serial entrepreneur and early adopter of blockchain technology as the co-founder and co-CEO of Upland. He has also co-founded European and US-based companies in the fintech and digital media spaces, including Financial Times Deutschland and Forbatec.
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By Martina Lauchengco
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MARTINA LAUCHENGCO  is the product marketing partner at Silicon Valley Product Group and a partner at Costanoa Ventures, a boutique early-stage venture capital firm. Martina worked at Microsoft and Netscape, two of the most formative tech companies of all time, before advising startups and Fortune 500 companies. A lecturer in the engineering graduate program at UC Berkeley, her work has been featured in  TechCrunch  and  VentureBeat .
AuthorMartina Lauchengco BindingHardcover
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By QuHarrison Terry
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QuHarrison Terry  (@quharrison) is a growth marketer at Mark Cuban Companies. In 2015, he co-founded 23VIVI, the world's first digital art marketplace powered by the blockchain. In 2021, he sold an NFT of the Worldstar Hip-Hop Chain for 121 ETH on Opensea. QuHarrison's more than 300 essays on the metaverse and the next wave of digital innovation future of technology have led to him being featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Xconomy, Cointelegraph, MobiHealth News, MedCity News, and many others.
AuthorQuHarrison Terry BindingHardcover
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By Matt Blumberg
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Being a startup CEO is a job like no other: it’s difficult, risky, stressful, lonely, and often learned through trial and error.  As a startup CEO seeing things for the first time, you’re likely to make mistakes, fail, get things wrong, and feel like you don’t have any control over outcomes.
AuthorMatt Blumberg BindingHardcover
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The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is a global, not-for-profit association of banks, solution providers, consultancy companies, integrators and academic partners, with the shared aim of defining a semantic standard for the banking industry covering all banking activity and almost all of the well-known architectural layers.
AuthorBian BindingPaperback
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By Nate Silver
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Nate Silver is a statistician and political forecaster at The New York Times. In 2012, he correctly predicted the outcome of 50 out of 50 states during the US presidential election, trumping the professional pollsters and pundits. He was named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in the world, and one of Rolling Stones' top Agents of Change. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
AuthorNate Silver BindingPaperback
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By Mark Allen Durivage
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Mark Allen Durivage has worked as a practitioner, educator, and consultant. He is Managing Principal Consultant at Quality Systems Compliance LLC. He is an American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fellow and holds several ASQ certifications including; CQM/OE, CRE, CQE, CQA, CHA, CBA, CPGP, and CSSBB. 
AuthorMark Allen Durivage BindingSpiral Bound
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By Olivier Blanchard
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In Macroeconomics, Blanchard presents a unified, global view of macroeconomics, enabling students to see the connections between goods markets, financial markets, and labor markets worldwide. 
AuthorOlivier Blanchard BindingPaperback
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