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By FC A.K.A. Freakyclown
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In  How I Rob Banks: And Other Such Places , renowned ethical hacker and social engineer FC delivers a gripping and often hilarious discussion of his work: testing the limits of physical bank security by trying to “steal” money, data, and anything else he can get his hands on. In the book, you’ll explore the secretive world of physical assessments and follow FC as he breaks into banks and secure government locations to identify security flaws and loopholes.
AuthorFC A.K.A. Freakyclown BindingHardcover
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By Ashwani Kumar
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Ashwani Kumar is a technologist by profession having 19+ years of experience working in large enterprise-grade solutions. He was instrumental in architecting, designing, developing, and delivering multiple solutions for numerous industry verticals. His area of expertise involves J2EE and cloud computing technologies. Ashwani holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Technology from Nagpur University.
AuthorAshwani Kumar BindingPaperback
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By Bian
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Besides the BIAN Foundation Certification Courseware (ISBN: 9789401804721) publication you are advised to obtain the publication BIAN Edition 2019 – A framework for the financial services industry (ISBN: 9789401803151). This is the official courseware for accredited BIAN Foundation training. Intended for professionals that aim to pass the BIAN Foundation Exam.
AuthorBian BindingPaperback
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By Joseph L Breeden
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The new loan loss accounting rules for CECL and IFRS 9 require thousands of organizations to learn about modeling. Likewise, accountants and others in finance are now required to learn about statistical modeling concepts. This book is intended to define terms in a manner consistent with decades...
AuthorJoseph L Breeden BindingPaperback
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By Debajani Mohanty,Hugh Macmillen
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The book is written for all IT professionals. It starts with the loopholes existing in the banking as well as payment industry, especially in the international remittance space, that have led to the invention of Bitcoin, a Blockchain product, followed by Ethereum, and finally Ripple.
Thanks for choosing the book, Financial Technology.This book includes: The Beginner’s Guide To Financial Technology and Blockchain: The Simple Guide To Everything You Need To Know. In this book, we will explore what FinTech is, why it matters to everyone, future predictions about it, possible dangers, and its origins and history.
AuthorJacob William BindingPaperback
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