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Silicon Minds: The Science, Impact, and Promise of Artificial Intelligence (Paperback)

By Thien-Nam Dinh , Daniel Frumkin
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“AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'll be great companies.” - Sam Altman

Silicon Minds: The Science, Impact and Promise of Artificial IntelligenceFor the curious mind, there is perhaps no more intriguing a subject than artificial intelligence in the early 21st century. There are so many big questions to ponder:
  • Will AI bring about the end for humanity?
  • Will it usher in a new age of unparalleled human prosperity for generations to come?
  • Will AI ever become conscious, and if so, how will we even be able to tell?
  • There are also the questions of the need for humans in a future where AI dominates all areas of business, life, and society.
  • Will AI replace jobs in the future?
  • Will you be able to find a job 10 years from now?
  • Will humans even need to work?
  • In Silicon Minds: The Science, Impact and Promise of Artificial Intelligence, author Thien-Nam Dinh draws on his years of experience to tackle the big questions in AI and present them in a way that even a human can understand.
    This book will address these questions and the below topics:
    • What is AI?
    • Sectors of AI
    • Robotics
    • NLP – Natural Language Processing
    • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Symbolic AI
    • AI in daily life
    • Applications of AI for business
    • Future Trends of AI
    • Politics and Economics of AI
    • The dangers and dark side of AI
    • Strong AI and the Singularity
    • And More!...
    Thien-Nam Dinh , Daniel Frumkin
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