Expert Systems

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By Andrew R. Freed
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About the book Conversational AI  is a guide to creating AI-driven voice and text agents for customer support and other conversational tasks. This practical and entertaining book combines design theory with techniques for building and training AI systems. In it, you’ll learn how to find training data, assess performance, and write dialog that sounds human. You’ll go from building simple chatbots to designing the voice assistant for a complete call center.
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Daniel Pritchett  is a consulting programmer, speaker, and user group supporter in Memphis, Tennessee. He builds infrastructure tooling for internet companies. If it's interesting and useful, Daniel wants to help you build it.
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By Robert Layton,Paul A Watters
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Dr. Robert Layton is a Research Fellow at the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) at Federation University Australia. Dr Layton's research focuses on attribution technologies on the internet, including automating open source intelligence (OSINT) and attack attribution. Dr Layton's research has led to improvements in authorship analysis methods for unstructured text, providing indirect methods of linking profiles on social media. Paul A. Watters is a Professor of Information Technology at Massey University. He was previously Associate Professor of Information Security at the University of Ballarat, and co-founded the Cybercrime Research Laboratory at Macquarie University. His research interests are human factors in security and open source intelligence, and in measuring the risks associated with cybercrime, especially to children and young people. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and his work has been cited 1,249 times He has worked closely with government and industry on many projects, including Westpac, IBM, and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).
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By Donald A. Waterman
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A Guide to Expert Systems is the first book written specifically for the reader who does not have a background in artificial intelligence or expert systems. Students, business executives, data processing managers and system programmers will all find this book an useful introduction. In a very logical and understandable way, with the extensive use of case studies, Dr. Waterman shows how expert systems manipulate the knowledge of human experts to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
AuthorDonald A. Waterman BindingPaperback
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