Artificial Intelligence

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By Yada Pruksachatkun
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Yada Pruksachatkun is a machine learning scientist at Infinitus, a conversational AI startup that automates calls in the healthcare system. She has worked on trustworthy natural language processing as an Applied Scientist at Amazon, and led the first healthcare NLP initiative within mid-sized startup ASAPP.  Matthew McAteer is the creator of 5cube Labs, an ML consultancy that has worked with over 100 companies in industries ranging from architecture to medicine to agriculture. Subhabrata (Subho) Majumdar is a Senior Applied Scientist at Splunk. Previously, he spent 3 years in AT&T, where he led research and development on ethical AI.
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By Hala Nelson
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Hala Nelson is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University. She has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. Prior to James Madison University, she was a postdoctoral assistant professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
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By Daniel Situnayake
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Daniel Situnayake is Head of Machine Learning at Edge Impulse, where he leads embedded machine learning R&D.  Jenny Plunkett is a Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Edge Impulse, where she is a technical speaker, developer evangelist, and technical content creator.
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By Ai Publishing
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How Is This Book Different? Most Python books assume you know how to code using Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. But this book does not. The author spends a lot of time teaching you how actually write the simplest codes in Python to achieve machine learning models. In-depth coverage of the Scikit-learn library starts from the third chapter itself. Jumping straight to Scikit-learn makes it easy for you to follow along. The other advantage is  Jupyter Notebook  is used to write and explain the code right through this book. You can access the datasets used in this book easily by downloading them at runtime. You can also access them through the  Datasets  folder in the SharePoint and GitHub repositories. You also get to work on three hands-on mini-projects:
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Part I of the book offers a rigorous overview of machine learning principles, algorithms, and implementation skills relevant to holistically modeling and manipulating tabular data. Part II studies five dominant deep learning model designs – Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Attention and Transformers, and Tree-Rooted Networks – through both their ‘default’ usage and their application to tabular data. Part III compounds the power of the previously covered methods by surveying strategies and techniques to supercharge deep learning systems: autoencoders, deep data generation, meta-optimization, multi-model arrangement, and neural network interpretability. Each chapter comes with extensive visualization, code, and relevant research coverage.
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By Davy Cielen
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Davy Cielen  is one of the founders and managing partners of Optimately where he focuses on leading and developing data science projects and solutions in various sectors and closely follows new developments in data science. Before Optimately he worked on data science and big data projects at a major retailer. Arno Meysman  is one of the founders and managing partners of Optimately where he focuses on leading and developing data science projects and solutions in various sectors and closely follows new developments in data science. Before Optimately he worked on data science and big data projects at a major retailer. Apart from data science he is also into data visualisation and generally "Creating data-driven things that are smart, interactive and pretty". Mohamed Ali  is one of the founders and managing partners of Optimately and Maiton, where they focus on developing data science projects and solutions in various sectors.
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By David Kopec
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David Kopec  is an assistant professor of computer science and innovation at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He is an experienced iOS developer and the author of Dart for Absolute Beginners.
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By Jeff Smith
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Jeff Smith  builds powerful machine learning systems. For the past decade, he has been working on building data science applications, teams, and companies as part of various teams in New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. He blogs (https: //, tweets (@jeffksmithjr), and speaks ( about various aspects of building real-world machine learning systems.
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By Max Pumperla, Kevin Ferguson
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Max Pumperla  is a Data Scientist and Engineer specializing in Deep Learning at the artificial intelligence company He is the co-founder of the Deep Learning platform Kevin Ferguson  has 18 years of experience in distributed systems and data science. He is a data scientist at Honor, and has experience at companies such as Google and Meebo.
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By Tommaso Teofili
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Tommaso Teofili  is a software engineer with a passion for open source and machine learning. As a member of the Apache Software Foundation, he contributes to a number of open source projects, ranging from topics like information retrieval (such as Lucene and Solr) to natural language processing and machine translation (including OpenNLP, Joshua, and UIMA).
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By Shanqing Cai
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Shanqing Cai  is one of the developers of TensorFlow, a popular open-source framework for deep learning and artificial intelligence. Stan Bileschi  is the technical lead for Google's TensorFlow Usability team, which built the TensorFlow Layers API. Eric Nielsen  is a senior software engineer on the Google Brain team.
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By Hefin I. Rhys
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Hefin Ioan Rhys  is a senior laboratory research scientist in the Flow Cytometry Shared Technology Platform at The Francis Crick Institute. He spent the final year of his PhD program teaching basic R skills at the university. A data science and machine learning enthusiast, he has his own Youtube channel featuring screencast tutorials in R and R Studio.
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